Take an Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Flight in Australia

Australia is a fascinating country with various landscapes and rugged natural features. A hot air balloon flight from thousands of feet above gives you a unique birds-eye view of the city and the suburbs. With different panoramic views of environments from lush greenery, famed wine country, valleys or water-bodies to rugged, dry desert sands, no matter where you’re in Australia, you can always enjoy some of the most stunning and distinctive sceneries in the world.

Canberra Hot Air Balloon Ride

Start your day off with a spectacular sunrise hot air balloon ride in the nation’s capital, Canberra! Enjoy sweeping views of Australia’s “Bush Capital” on this balloon ride which lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. During the flight you will witness this city full of museums, galleries, excellent sporting venues, wineries and many other famous attractions come alive slowly.

Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

Located just two hours north of Sydney and forty-five minutes from Newcastle, the Hunter Valley – Australia’s premier vineyard region – offers the perfect backdrop for the flight of a lifetime. The flight begins at sunrise and you’ll take in views of the picturesque wine regions of Pokolbin, Lovedale, Rothbury or Broke.

Camden Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

Camden Valley is located in Sydney’s beautiful Macarthur region, the picturesque landscape and favourable weather patterns of the region make the Camden Valley area an ideal balloon flight location.

As the sun rises over the beautiful Macarthur region, you will ascend into the sky in your colourful balloon. As your balloon drifts gently along on the morning breeze you will feel completely secure within your basket, with very little sensation of movement. During your flight you may find yourself floating just above the treetops then moments later effortlessly ascending to heights of 2000 feet or more.

Melbourne Hot Air Balloon Ride

There’s no need to travel far, and no better way to see the world’s most liveable city – Melbourne with a hot air balloon flight, a world-class experience. Your adventure starts before the city stirs. Birdsong begins as balloons inflate and you find yourself drawn to the heat of the flame. As the earth falls away, you rise with the sun. Sail the breeze beside sparkling skyscrapers and follow the Yarra River as it unwinds through parks and gardens. For an hour, it’s just you and the sky.

Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

The Yarra Valley, a leisurely one-hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD, is one of Victoria’s most spectacular winery regions, with outstanding vineyards and mountains. Let the breeze usher you along the corridors of grape vines and over the Yarra River as you lose yourself in the breathtaking views of mountains that surround the valley.

Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Ride (30 Minutes/60 Minutes)

A spectacular balloon inflation display is just the start of your morning ballooning, meet the friendly and fun crew, float up to watch the sun rise over the rolling hills of the majestic Gold Coast hinterland; enjoy sweeping views of Tamborine Mountain, Lamington National Park and to the east see the shimmering tall towers of the Gold Coast skyline.

The Hinterland is the special chosen location providing the opportunity to fly higher than coastal flights and more stable and reliable weather conditions means many more flying days per year for your pleasure.

Barossa Hot Air Balloon Ride

Jump on board after your last briefing and then it’s up and away! Wave goodbye to the ground crew, time to relax and take in the amazing 360⁰views. Experience the peace and beauty of floating over the countryside as the sun is rising. You will fly for about an hour before landing somewhere down wind.

Alice Springs Hot Air Balloon Ride

Experience the breathtaking feeling of floating silently above the Outback as the sun slowly rises over the desert on the awe-inspiring ballooning adventure. Float gently across the vast expanse of the Central Australian outback – keeping an eye out for native wildlife including the iconic red kangaroo and gain an appreciation of the remoteness of the area as the balloon glides across the landscape.

Before you go

  • You’ll need to meet with your team before sunrise as this is when the air is stable and the winds are calm, ensuring a tranquil flight.
  • Wear comfortable clothing (in layers), and footwear that will allow your feet to remain warm and dry. Do not wear white clothing.
  • The burners radiate heat, so a hat, cap or a beanie is recommended in winter.
  • Balloon flights are weather dependent, and for safety reasons, will not fly when it is wet, foggy or too windy. Make sure you check the weather updates with the tour operator the night before your flight.
  • Flight is the safest mode of transportation and ballooning is statistically, the safest form of flight. Safety is the primary concern and the pilots will cancel if there are unsuitable weather conditions. The pilot’s decision with regard to flying conditions is final.

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