Top 10 best places to visit in new zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This remote country is made up of two islands –The South Island and The North Island. The best travel season is from 3 to 5, 9 to 11,during that time we have warm weather and fine days.  Here are New Zealand’s top 10 places to go ;


Queenstown, it is a beautiful town surrounded by the southern Alps and teh Lake Wakatipu. The population is fairly sparse, only about 18,000, of which about 80 percent are from Europe and the United States, 20 percent from Asia and other RACES. Queenstown is one of the most breathtaking, beautiful and exciting areas in the country,hence the name ‘New Zealand’s most famous outdoor paradise’
For example, adventure activities include snow sports, bungee jumping, jet skiing, horseback riding and water rafting. Activities include wine and food, lake cruises, spa baths, boutiques and recreational golf.


Wellington is located southwest of New Zealand’s north island and is the capital of New Zealand. There are lots of shopping shops, restaurants, theatres, entertainment and nightlife areas, as in other big cities.It is also New Zealand’s most famous art capital, with festivals and various celebrations throughout the year, such as wine and food festivals, dragon boat festivals and international festivals.
In addition, the wailarappa, Marlborough and nelson areas near downtown Wellington have beautiful countryside, charming beaches, well-developed national parks, grape plantations, and elegant country and family hotels. They are all good places for vacation and leisure.


Nelson is one of New Zealand’s sunniest cities, a vibrant place where you can enjoy local art and sample the masterpieces of talented chefs.  At the same time, there are many wineries and you can enjoy a leisurely tour of the local vineyards and taste the most authentic wines. On top of that, the city is surrounded by three national parks, making nelson an ideal place for outdoor recreation, including sky diving, horseback riding, cruises, and beautiful beach games and other activities.

Summer (December to February) is The warmest season of the year,the Christmas and New Year holidays brought a lot of visitors, if you plan to travel at this time, it is important to book things to do.


Dunedin, the capital of the province of Otago and the second largest city on New Zealand’s south island, to be known as ‘the most scottish-looking city outside Scotland‘.

Dunedin is an elegant city adjacent to the mountains and close to the beautiful seaport with rich tourism resources and beautiful scenery. The main tourist attractions include Dunedin railway station, cadbury chocolate factory, octagon square, Baldwin street, st. Paul’s cathedral, first church of Dunedin, auveston house, otago peninsula, lanac castle, university of otago, st. Clare beach, etc.

5, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier

Fox glacier and Franz Joseph are twin sisters, they are two small villages developed by glacier tourism, each with one of the world’s few accessible glaciers, about half an hour’s drive from each other. Overall, the Franz josef glacier village has more restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and a visitor center. Fox glacier has the charming Lake Matheson,it is one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand.The best way to visit this area is to take part in a glacier hike or helicopter tour hike program. Of course, travelers can walk on the glacier without a guide. However, if you wish to climb the glacier, you will need special equipment such as ice axe, ice chisel and special boots.


Rotorua is home to the tiara people for generations, a native tribe that came here more than 600 years ago to provide visitors with a rich cultural experience. You can enjoy a sumptuous feast cooked by steam in an underground stone kiln, visit the Maori village before the European colonists arrived, or take a bath in hot spring.
If you love adventure, Rotorua is a great place to get your heart racing –  Skydiving, OGO, Luge and Skyline. You can also experience the world’s largest drift Falls – Tutea Falls, which is 7 meters high, will set off your adrenaline rush. New Zealand also has one of the country’s most famous mountain bike loops in Rotorua.

7,Mount Cook National Park

Oraki /Mount Cook National Park, built in 1953, the whole is a long and narrow park. It is in the middle of the most spectacular scenery of the southern Alps.
Mount cook national park is made up of glaciers, steep cliffs, hot springs, forests and a variety of wildlife, among which New Zealand’s highest mountain – Cook Mount, and longest glacier, the Tasman Glacier, lie within its borders.
In addition,Cook Village is an ideal base for outdoor activities such as flights, heli-skiing, hunting, hiking, and stargazing trips.

8, Auckland

Known as the City of Sails, Auckland is the largest and most populated city in New Zealand. It is located on the North Island and known for its vibrant culture and foodie landscape.

Due to its developed economy, pleasant environment, high standard of living and charming scenery. Therefore, Auckland has been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world for many years and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

In this city you can enjoy a wide variety of experiences in a single day: harbor sailing, shopping entertainment, museum heritage, park winery, rainforest, black beach and Everything!

9, Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is an area on The east coast of The Far North District of New Zealand.
This charming beach is a paradise for those who love water sports. Visitors can fish, sail, skate on the sand, even play with the surrounding subtropical woods.
In the bay of  island, you can feel the charm of the ocean everywhere.You can catch a ferry or rent a small boat, immerse yourself in the blue or turquoise island and beach world, or row a boat to and from the hidden parts of the island. Or enjoy the unique activities in the bay of  island.

So,It is one of The most popular fishing, sailing and tourist destinations in The country.

10, Wanaka

Wanaka ,Located in the lake district of wanaka on New Zealand’s south island.There are lots of cafes, restaurants and interesting shops.It’s clear that the wanaka region loves aviation.At the airport, you can arrange sightseeing flights or parachuting.

Winter is a busy season in wanaka, and the town is packed with skiers.Local ski resorts include Treble Cone, Cardrona and Waiorau. Wanaka is also a base for treks and mountaineering of Mount Aspiring National Park.

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